3c Technology Products Managed Services
3c Technology Products Managed Services

Managed Print Services


Control Printing Costs and Streamline Document Management.

Our Managed Print Services include software which will monitor and manage print traffic, ensuring best use of your investment, and that it is used appropriately. Whilst colour is become far more accessible, not all documents need to be produced in colour. Our solutions make sure your documents are printed in the most appropriate and efficient way such as mono, duplex and so on.

A print management system will resolve common problems such as cost efficiency, wastage and confidentiality, whilst allowing you to collect your print jobs at any device.

Capturing documents in streamlined by our workflow solution which can automatically index documents based on their contents, by barcodes or key data such as account number or invoice number, ensuring your scans are correctly and efficiently routed each time whether to your local storage or a multitude of cloud based solutions such as Sharepoint or Dropbox. We also have a selection of ECM solutions for effectively storing and retrieving your digital content with ease and speed.


Application Solutions

Complementing Konica Minolta’s comprehensive product portfolio, powerful software tools for varied office and production printing applications provide seamless integrated solutions for all business areas. ​


Output Management

Modern printing environments offer a host of possibilities. Resulting volumes and costs quickly exceed budgets unless printing activities are kept in check with professional solutions for monitoring, control and reporting.


Document Capture and Distribution

In most enterprises, printer fleets are growing continuously and need constant attention. Seamless availability of output devices and supplies needs to be ensured as well as consumables regularly checked and refilled.

Managing Content, Processes and Cases

OnBase is a single enterprise information platform for managing content, processes and cases. OnBase has transformed thousands of organisations worldwide by empowering them to become more agile, efficient and effective.


Cloud and Mobile Printing

Work routines in the modern corporate world increasingly demand mobility, which is widely available with smart mobile devices. This creates a strong demand for mobile printing, which in turn requires reliable security.