3c Technology Products Managed Services
3c Technology Products Managed Services

Office Automation


Reduce Costs and Increase Profits using Digital Technology

Transforming your businesses to become digital takes effort and 3CTechnology can help you through this change. Office Automation is about recognising the benefit of automating as many business processes as possible and in most cases that automation gains the business advantage you need to be competitive and be profitable.

The 3C Technology brand represents 3 solutions that form part of Office Automation: Copy, Connectivity & Communication.



“Copy” includes all devices needed to duplicate information on paper. The list included Copiers, Printers, Photocopiers, Scanners, Multifunction or Production Devices.

Characteristics of our service are:

  1. Reliable, Durable Brands
  2. Guaranteed 4hr service turnaround
  3. Extremely low running costs

We compliment these devices with the necessary connectivity, communications technology and on the ground IT & parts support.


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“Connectivity” refers to the internet infrastructure including the data & voice capacity you need achieve high performance business productivity, especially when your applications and file systems move into the cloud and you start using VOIP.

Characteristics of our service are:

  1. Enterprise or Broadband services (Dedicated, On Net, Off Net, etc)
  2. Low Contention (Option of Pure 1:1  i.e. no contention)
  3. High speeds between 10 Mbps - 200 Mbps




“Communication” includes the telephony services which run over the internet such as VOIP, IPBX and Video Conferencing. Our philosophy is to help our clients seamlessly integrate their high performance connectivity with state of the art of equipment, such as IP Phones, SIP Trunks & Gateways, and thus realise true digital transformation & productivity in the office.


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